Introducing... Our Blog!

Introducing our new "Introducing..." blog series! We're delighted to bring you a new weekly blog post introducing some of the fantastic brands we have in store. All our makers, designers and brands are super small businesses, all founded and managed by one or two very real people in our local community. They all make and source beautiful things built to last and bring joy to our customers at home or as gifts. You may know already that this store was born out of our boutique South East London market, Pexmas, and the items we sell in our Store are all from independent brands who have held a Stall at our markets. See what we did there? 

In this blog we are going to tell you some of the stories behind these brands; what we love about them, what you love about them and what they love about our community. Dive in and discover the people behind the products. Drop us a comment to tell us who you want to hear about next, or to send your favourite some love.

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