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We're so excited to launch this new blog series and it seems the perfect start to introduce to you first to the amazing Talia Designer Maker. Talia is the artist behind our biggest selling brand of 2021/22, with her range of practical and beautiful simple homewares. Her Artists' Soap Dish was our most purchased item of the year, a testament perhaps to that time spent more at home, enjoying small luxuries, refreshing our spaces, getting back to basics and investing in eco friendly products. 

Talia has refreshed these designs for 2022, and we're delighted to be stocking her elegant everyday homewares again; the iconic soap dish and a new candle holder to match, both with a dreamy pale and lightly speckled glaze. 


But these are almost a side note in Talia's work. Her main collection is extraordinary in every sense, comprised of utterly unique and unforgettably striking ceramic artworks created in her South East London Studio. We caught up with her to ask more about the process and her story... 

"After spending 10 years in the fashion industry as a textile designer, I needed a bit of a change of pace and turned to clay as a new medium to work in. I quickly fell in love with it and ended up taking a sabbatical from my job to go to Japan and learn /work in a pottery town in northern Japan. Here I learned about the beauty in working with the material and showing the processes in your work. When I returned lockdown hit around 6 months later and after setting up a home studio I decided to make my love of ceramics into a buisness. I'm deeply inspired by old techniques, I love looking into how things were made 100s of years ago and bringing them into a contemporary context."

  Geometric monochrome clay vases by Talia Designer Maker       Geometric monochrome vase and bowl by Talia Designer Maker


We stock some of her smaller works in the geometric style in our store, for collection only in Peckham, but you can find her full collection on her website here. These larger pieces would make an epic wedding gift, something to keep for generations. And don't get us started on the little Cat Vase... 



We're asking all our makers to tell us about their favourites too! 

Talia's favourite Stall to Store product by another brand? "I'm loving the Earl Macrame Plant Hanger by Bam Botanics. Such a great gift (for me as well!) and comes in such a nice colour". 

And what about her favourite SE London spot? "The Copper Tap - my partner, the dog and I usually pop in for a drink to discuss buisness plans or to catch up with friends. As well as being a great little spot, all the staff are too lovely."   


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